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The astute property owner knows that finding extra space can be simpler and more cost effective than moving house, building an extension or having a loft or cellar conversion. The costs, disruptions and ever moving finish dates can make this a very unappealing proposition.  However, the effective use of space already available on your property can mean a beautiful and stylish addition to your home with a PODHAUS garden room.

Few households provide the right environment for the increasing number of people who choose to work from home. PODHAUS provides a convenient, calm and professional working space, separating the work environment from the living area.

The extra room gained from a PODHAUS could also provide a sanctuary and an area to meditate in peace.  Or it could become a serene place to work for therapists wishing to create a tranquil atmosphere for their clients, away from the demands of modern life, in harmony with natural surroundings.
For those who want to look after their body as well as their soul, the PODHAUS can provide the space for a personal gym, with the spacious interior making it the ideal place to work out.

The PODHAUS can create a fabulous family recreation area as a games room, a place to entertain guests, or somewhere simply to chill out with friends and unwind.

For the creative personality the high spec insulation makes the PODHAUS an ideal music studio or music practise room, and the light flooding in from the large folding glass doors transform it into the perfect artist’s studio.

The possibilities are as endless and as varied as our customers‘ dreams and lifestyles.

IMAGE: Pictures of the Podhaus
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