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Podhaus is available in virtually any width or depth. Our universal design concept means that you can make the best use of your space without incurring additional design costs.

Apart from adding significant value to your property, the PODHAUS is economical to run over the long term.

The high spec insulation within the panels cladding the building is in line with current building regulations, making the PODHAUS easy and cost-effective to heat.  

The insulated panels and double glazing also help to significantly reduce extraneous outside noise such as traffic or children playing, making the PODHAUS a peaceful haven.

The PODHAUS is sourced locally, leaving a small carbon footprint which can be offset, and which has a far lower carbon footprint than, for instance, building an extension. Most of the raw materials are manufactured in Britain i.e. British steel, glass, and insulation.

The PODHAUS can be up and running within two to three days, unlike commissioning building work for an extension.  The results are inexpensive and offer a clean, fresh look, both modern and stylish, which allows for many different styles of décor and furnishings.

We offer a five year guarantee on all workmanship, subject to terms and conditions.

The PODHAUS walls and roof have a manufactures 30 year anti corrosion guarantee (25 in coastal areas) and needs virtually no maintenance.  The cost and time involved in the treatment of wood buildings does not exist with a building.

IMAGE: Pictures of the Podhaus
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