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Where can I see a PODHAUS

Our show pod is located in the KT8 area. Please call to make an appointment.

What sizes are available?

We can man manufacture to virtually any size, our universal design concept means that you can utilise you garden spaced to it’s best advantage.

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How does PODHAUS differ from a wooden garden room?

Firstly, the PODHAUS is virtually maintenance free, unlike a wooden structure, which may require a new roof or repairs after a few years.  The cladding will not move, creating cracks and splits, and it will not need to be repainted or treated over the coming years.  

Our sliding doors are FENSA approved. Unlike some garden rooms, where you do not always get what you pay for, the PODHAUS doors come with a warrantee and will still be sliding and folding with ease for years to come.  UPVC doors are not strong enough to stay fully operative over time, and wooden doors will move out of line as a wooden building expands and contracts through the seasons.  The PODHAUS’ aluminium doors are the only option if you want maintenance free doors that will still glide in five years’ time.  Check the glass provided in other garden rooms is  toughened K glass, as although this is the standard throughout the building industry, normal glass is often supplied for garden rooms as they are exempt from building regulations.

PODHAUS offers a U value of 0.25 or better on insulation. This is inline with current building regulations for extensions and new builds.  Compare the U value provided by wooden garden buildings - it should be below 0.35.  Asking for the U value is a sure way of confirming the insulation on offer.

The price you pay for a PODHAUS leaves you with a building that is ready to work in or have a dinner party in that day. Ultimately, the PODHAUS is a modern, maintenance free building, with a sleek contemporary interior built to last, adding real value to your property.

Do I need planning permission?
  • Not in 95% of cases.  The planning rules are:
  • The building has to be 5 metres from your house.
  • The maximum floor area is no more than 30 square metres.
  • The roof height is no more than 3 metres if the roof is flat and 4 metres if pitched.
  • The building must not take up more than 50% of your garden.
  • Planning permission may be required however if your house is in a conservation area, your pod is between your house and the road or you live in a listed building.
How long will it take?

Normally about eight weeks from order to installation.
The actual installation will take 2 to three days weather permitting.


What is the cost?

Prices start at about £24,500 + VAT for a 20 square metre unit.

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What’s included in the cost?

When considering a garden room, make sure the price you are quoted includes everything.  Additional charges for footings, electrics etc soon mount up. The cost of a PODHAUS includes:

  • The footings
  • Steel framework externally finished in a colour of your choice and internally finished in brilliant white
  • Cladding in tough durable insulated panels in a colour and texture of your choice, with insulation equal  to current building regulations for new builds and extensions
  • Laminate flooring in a shade of your choice or aluminium chequer plate
  • Sliding folding doors with the option to open in or out, sliding to the left or right in a colour of your choice

Power via an armoured cable running above ground from your main consumer unit to the PODHAUS which should be no further than 30 metres away. Your existing wiring should be of good standard and a spare breaker must be available on your consumer unit.

What options are available to allow me to design my own PODHAUS?

We can build a PODHAUS to any size or shape you require, subject to planning. We could even build you a new house!

Optional extras include:

Variations in glass specification, e.g. self cleaning, active blue (to reflect heat), argon filled for even better insulation, etc. For further details please see the Pilkington website

  • Vertical blinds in a range of colours
  • A universal plasma screen bracket
  • A Yale remote control burglar alarm
  • Additional plug sockets
  • Internal cladding
  • Shelving units
  • Mountain bike rack
  • Picture rails
  • Kitchenette

Please contact us to discuss any optional extras you may require.

How is the PODHAUS heated?

IMAGE: PlugsVia a Delonghi remote control electric radiator.  This can be set on a timer with frost protection to provide a comfortable working environment throughout the year.  It is freestanding, so can be moved to any part of the room.  In many cases the remote control will operate the heater from your house.

IMAGE: Pictures of the Podhaus
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